Welcome to the Traveling Tent!

Welcome to The Traveling Tent site, an online marketplace for finding handcrafted, artisan goods!  

As crafters with our own small businesses, we participate in wonderful pop-up markets and live events, where we work hard to create small stores for you within our ‘traveling tents.’ These markets are vital to hearing from our customers about their passions for handmade, crafted offerings and to connect them, you and us with like-minded artists and makers.  

Unfortunately - as we are all too aware - live events may not happen again for some time, and we have really missed these opportunities to meet and talk with you, and to connect with our customer friends. 

So we’ve created this site as a virtual gathering spot to help you find us, find other small, local businesses and to shop our custom, handmade, local goods! 

Shopping online has become extremely important; from groceries to beer, from toys and clothing to home decor, personal accessories and back again. As we have all discovered though, there are thousands of sites to choose from, and it can very quickly become overwhelming. It can also be difficult and discouraging for smaller businesses to break through the pack and stand out amongst big retailers.

Our goal is to help you sort through the many goods, gifts, decor and offerings available to you online by focusing on small businesses with unique, handmade items and foods.

If you are here at the Traveling Tent, you already follow at least one of us, and we know that you support  many artists who make  beautiful, customized items.

Here you will find posts with info about artists and crafters, along with their work methods and creative processes. Of course we will link you directly to them to shop as well! Just as importantly, you will also see curated gift guides for every event and season - so important as we head into holiday shopping. We will include upfront news about sales and deals, local storefronts carrying our goods and those of our business friends.. and so much more!

We can’t wait to share our favorites with you! So please sign up for our newsletter, follow us here, on Facebook and Instagram, check back often and stay in touch...but wash your hands. ;)


Lilu and Lulu

( also known by our families as Leah Mancini of Leluna Star, and Laura Kasperlik of Pretty Clever Words)

How to contact The Traveling Tent: 
Website: thetravelingtent.com 
Email: thetravelingtent@gmail.com
We are located in North Carolina, but our vendors are from all over the United States.

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  • I’m excited to see what this site is all about.

    Gail Mitchell

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