Meet the Maker: Smiling Elephant Studio

Somewhere along the way I needed to quiet a restlessness, a desire to be
more creative along with a connection. I create talismans of meaning and

Well hello! I'm Kayte Price from Smiling Elephant Studio. I came up with
this name as I work with trade bead/amulet dealers from Africa and Asia.
And who doesn't love the visual of an elephant smiling?

I'm from Pennsylvania (Mars, yes, really) but spent most of my adult
life in the Midwest. North Carolina called when parents aged and I can't
tell you all how much I love being close to the ocean.

I love to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces. Customers wanted to hear
the story about how I meet my guys off the side of the interstate after
they have gone back to their homelands and collected objects or beads
for me. And every meeting brought amazing finds and allowed me to have a
more authentic connection with both them and my customers.

I am designing and making jewelry for people who really get the one
of-a-kind, handmade vibe. I love simple, I love big crazy statement, I
love the natural and organic, but mostly I love the old, old stuff. I
love the energy from all that old stuff as it changes hands.


There is a soulful component to my work that resonates with people ~ a
connection through history or culture or noble beauty. My jewelry has
ancient roots & a modern soul.


How to contact Kayte Price:

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