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Hello. I am Jessica and am originally from Rocky Mount North Carolina but have called Raleigh home for the past 10 years. Upon graduating from college I moved to Seville, Spain where I spent two exciting and passion filled years teaching, traveling, exploring and meeting new people.  I moved back to the states and found myself settling into a career in the corporate world. I’ve always been blessed with wonderful friends and family but I began to feel restless and longed to live a life worth more than the sum of my daily duties and responsibilities (work, gym, dinner, sleep, repeat).



I have always felt called to create, even at a young age and was the happiest when I was making art or doing any type of craft.  A few years ago I decided to make a change and pursue my passion of art. 

I tend to be a more reserved person and it takes a while for me to open up and become vulnerable and art has been a way for me to easily express myself and my feelings. I love being wild and being able to paint without restriction and go where the painting takes me. It allows me to show my unique personality and gifts to the world.

I enjoy painting wild abstracts and florals with lots of bold color, texture, and messy movements. I tend to stick to an unapologetically colorful palette. I see inspiration everywhere, especially in nature. I am constantly seeing painting compositions in leaves and branches of trees or rows of flowers.


Art for me is my way of refusing to become stagnant in this life but purposefully growing and stretching. I believe that everyone has a unique gift to offer and those gifts are not simply requested but required. My hope is that by being vulnerable enough to share my art this will inspire others to share their talents to make the world a better place.




My goal is to paint pieces that brighten every room and bring joy to their owners. I truly believe that art is an experience and that the physical world is a powerful link to create happier lives. Art transforms any environment into a haven. I create because I believe art helps people live lives of abundance, luxury, and meaning. I really do believe that original art can change lives. The process of creating something beautiful from nothing is magical for me.  I pour so much emotion into every one-of-a-kind piece I create, it’s as if the art is a part of me. Sending little pieces of me out into the world is so rewarding.




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  • I have know Jessica all her life and she is a beautiful, sincere, creative and accomplished young woman. My daughter, Blair, and Jessica grew up together and Blair gave me a commissioned artwork of Pilot Mountain, that Jessica painted for me. It is beautiful and I love her interpretation of one of my favorite childhood places, in Surry County, where I was born. I will treasure it for many years to come.

    Barbara L Raynor

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