Meet the Maker: Leluna Star

Foster Creativity. Spark Imagination.

That isn't just a tagline for Leluna Star. It's a way of life. 

I am Leah Mancini (Lilu) and as the owner and creator of Leluna Star, located in Cary, NC, I have been crafting and sewing for more than 25 years. I have always loved to create unique and personalized gifts for friends and family and it has blossomed into a business that I am proud of. 

When my daughter was born 7 years ago, I started searching for toys that encouraged creativity and imagination - both things that were a big part of my life growing up.

Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot to be found. In turn, I began creating products with that in mind. Items that allowed children to play and imagine how they saw fit. If the princess wanted to rescue the superhero  ~ let's make it happen!

As I created more and then put together a website for my business, I realized the next step was getting out in front of my local community. I began selling at local craft fairs and pop-up markets and loved meeting new and previous customers. 

Leluna Star at craft fair

Our focus at Leluna Star is all about creating products for the young (and young at heart) that bring a smile to your face, joy to your heart and a little imagination to your day. 

Zookeeper Set from Leluna Star 

We create dress up items like crowns, wands, felt masks and bracelets that are great for playtime and sparking imagination. We also make gift-giving items - to keep or give - like our bookmarks, key chains, bags and art - all made with  our commercial embroidery machines. We are always adding to our designs and would love to create for you. 

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