Meet the Maker: Cottage Lane Kitchen

We are a family business with generational ties to Chapel Hill, NC and a genetic and deep love of spicy pepper relish.

Cottage Lane Kitchen isn't just a business, but a special home where four generations of relish makers have cooked and preserved spicy peppers out of love and tradition. Family history surrounds me on Cottage Lane - a street I have known all my life.


I was determined to keep this family heirloom alive and I asked my father to help me cook a batch since the recipe was an oral tradition, only passed down by making it together. I meticulously recorded my father's groupings of ingredients into cups and teaspoons so the recipe would never be lost. And the recipe worked! It was as delicious and spicy as I remembered it.
This is not your ordinary relish. We are a fiery, distinctive Southern Pepper Relish! Made from fresh chile peppers, with not a cucumber in sight, this pepper relish has a modern, bold SPICY flavor with a firecracker personality to boot!
We have two flavors - Get Me A Switch is based on an heirloom family recipe. Its name embraces our southern roots and identifies its lingering zippy sweet/heat character while Cape Fear is a modern recipe and its name identifies its lingering habanero fruity/fiery character. People say they bite back, but we prefer to say they nibble.
They are both sodium free and use all fresh chile peppers that have been chopped and slow cooked in apple cider vinegar.
We use it as you would any hot sauce, salsa, chow chow or relish - on eggs, hot dogs, sandwiches, beans and greens.
And we are happy to announce our latest product - Hissy Fit Hot Sauce!

This is NOT your ordinary Hot Sauce.




Hissy Fit will rival any hot sauce on the market with its smooth smokey flavor and outburst of heat. Using top notch quality ingredients, it is the next generation and a level up on Tabasco, Texas Pete, etc. We call it their gourmet cousin.;)

We are proud of the lineage of our recipes; our history in Chapel Hill, where our home has been for generations; the quality of the ingredients used in our products and the bold flavors we continue to preserve.

Relish...Every Day!

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