Gift Guide for Textile Art

Who wouldn't love a handcrafted gift this holiday season?

For those who appreciate repurposed fabrics, the feel of a cozy knitted hats, the work that goes into a handmade quilt, the bright colors of hand-sewn bibs and potholders, and the care that is put into every stitch of reuseable masks... we present this

Traveling Tent Gift Guide for the Textile Arts!

a. Happy Unicorn Studio - hand-sewn products that are functional, lightweight and eye catching, made from vibrant, fun fabrics! These masks make perfect welcome gifts for holiday travelers!

b. Random Act of Krochet - bright, beautiful, cozy and hand-crafted describes the luscious knitted or crotcheted hats, scarves and tops at this site!

c. Malune Studio - devoted to the design and creation of beautiful new bags from repurposed fabrics, the craftsmanship is evident in every item!

d. Lander Quilts - stunning quilts with the highest quality hand-stitching, these are sure to become instant heirlooms!

e. Blue Tie Designs - a wide variety of nerdy and fun, these handmade products are practical and full of personality!

f. Port and Starbird Creations - soft, cozy and enchanting, these handmade baby clothes and items are perfect for snuggling your little one with care!

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