Gift Guide for Beach Lovers

Are you falling in to the change of seasons, but your heart is always at the beach? 



We have you covered with a Traveling Tent Gift Guide full of unique gifts and items for everyone who is still dreaming of ocean waves and lakefront memories.. A Day at The Beach!



1. Presence Jewelry Designs - Unique jewelry made with hammered silver, gemstones, pearls and crystals, designed to inspire joy for that special recipient!



2. On My Travels - Highlighted by vintage frames, a collection of these original ink and watercolor miniature paintings will evoke the beauty of a summer day!



 3. Couture Jewelry with Heirloom Legacy - Handcrafted jewelry with bead weaving, chainmail and machine embroidery, these treasures are instant heirlooms!




4. Seasaw Crafts - This line of beautiful handmade, lino-block printed textiles will bring back memories of beach picnics - from aprons to towels to napkins, you can set your table for all-season fun!



5. Kelly Wove It - Beautifully hand-woven textiles using 100% cotton and repurposed fabrics means that you can have unique, one-of-a-kind luxury and feel good about it too!



6. Beyond Brushes - Vibrant, artisan-made jewelry pieces done through wire wrapping and weaving are wearable pieces of art - carry a bit of the ocean with you!



7. Miscellanee - Original, coastal and nature canvas prints that bring the ocean and sand right into your home...beachy, boho-inspired jewelry to match can also be found here!




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